If you have a business based within Bromley Borough (see map below) you can apply to be listed for free.


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An enhanced listing means you will be at the front of the queue in searches with your latest offers or added value statements. Your offers will also be displayed within your listing.
As well as this, we will direct locals to your offers via our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

per month

minimum 6 month contract
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If you are based outside the borough but trade extensively within it and would like to be listed, then you can do so by taking a sponsored listing.

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minimum 6 month contract
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Sponsored Enhanced
A Sponsored Enhanched listing gives all the features of an enhanced listing to a business based outside the borough.

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minimum 6 month contract
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See the About Us page for a map of the London Borough of Bromley.

Our Customer Feedback

The money I spent on marketing with WoW Bromley is the best money I spend within a month. It has improved my status in Bromley and I now have more local clients using and referring my service.

If you are not paying to market with WoW Bromley, you are missing a trick!

Louise McIntosh - Printing Progress

WoW is great for any business that wants support from someone who genuinely cares about local business and supporting them. It's that good, I recommended my friend's business join and he is already reaping rewards with job quotations flying in.

I would recommend WoW to anyone who is serious about their business and wants to move forward with it.

Ben Pollard - Dry Ice UK Ltd

As Lynda from #BeckBromFL had already created a hugely successful social networking group, we noticed that she had also set up WoW Bromley, a new and exciting, locally-focussed website and social media group that aims to connect locals and local businesses by way of a community. Having already gained the trust and loyalty from the thousands of #BeckBromFL followers, we noticed that WoW Bromley quickly gained traction. Due to the success, we decided to add a WoW Bromley marketing strategy to compliment our other local marketing activities and it has now become an essential and on-going part of our overall marketing campaign.

Thanks Lynda for all your hard work and well done on creating yet another hugely successful marketing platform for local businesses!

Rob Fisher - Vaccoda Design

I took the decision to list my business on WoW Bromley around six months ago, within the first week of the listing going live the enquiries from potential customers for my services has been overwhelming.

WoW Bromley is the perfect match for any local business, or indeed any local event or service that is looking to promote themselves within the local community. There really is nothing out there with the same quality of WoW Bromley, this is due to the leadership of Lynda Wright. Lynda has a wealth of experience within the marketing industry, she is also a real business savvy person who knows how to get things done, this will not only grow WoW Bromley exponentially, but will also grow any business that is listed with it.

Thanks WoW Bromley!

Carina - Carina Beauty

WoW Bromley has given us great service always ensuring they post the exact content we like and preparing their own ideas for our company which is great! Would recommend using them and really enjoy their Tweet Up evenings!

Thanks WoW Bromley!