Sunday 20th January 2019, 07:30 - 08:30

Venue: Healthy Living Yogashram, Turpington Lane Community Centre, Turpington Lane, Bromley, BR2 8JX



"Without health, none of the other dimensions of our life mean anything to us. Our work, family, wealth, possessions will mean nothing if we have no health" - Sadhguru

Healthy Living Yogashram in collaboration with Isha Foundation is offering this session

Over 70% of the ailments people suffer from are chronic. This means they are created, and can be fixed from within.

There is ample evidence to show that if we handle our bodies, minds and energies a little more consciously, it is possible to avoid these illnesses completely, even if they are thought to be hereditary.

If you align and balance the physical body, mental body and energy body there will be no physical or psychological illness within you. Through this alignment, there is a huge opportunity to experience life beyond what you may have thought was possible.

By learning these simple practises, and using them on a daily basis, they can relieve chronic ailments, back pain, tension and anxiety. They will strengthen and stabilize the spine and create ease in emotion - ultimately improving overall health and wellbeing. 

  • The workshops are open to all over 7 years of age and do not require any fitness level or previous exposure to yoga

  • Workshops are held for 1 hr to allow interaction and the possibility to ask questions in the end.

  • The practices taught can be done anywhere between 5 to 21 minutes

  • Ongoing online support will be made available after the session.


  • Enhances vitality, focus, memory and productivity

  • Stabilises the body, mind and emotions

  • Strengthens and stabilizes the spine

  • Can relieve back pain, stress, anxiety and tension

  • Can relieve from chronic ailments and improves overall health

  • Enhances teamwork and communication

  • Imparts a lasting sense of joy, peace and fulfillment

Isha Foundation is committed to providing every human being with the means and methods to live a vibrantly healthy life. It does not seek to just alleviate disease, it hopes to empower each individual so that health is a fundamental basis for the blossoming of their full potential.

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