CategoryGraduate Positions
Reference1117304 VIA WOW BROMLEY
Date PostedWednesday 19th December 2018
Closing DateFriday 18th January 2019
Job TypePermanent
SalaryUp to £20000.00 per annum

Job Description

What does the companies corporate tax team do?

Tax is a fact of life - it's deducted from our wages, added to things we buy, paid by companies and rarely out of the news headlines these days.

But a career in tax isn't just about numbers. It's about working with people and businesses to make sure tax doesn't become an obstacle to their long-term goals.

On a day-to-day basis, the team helps organisations comply with the shifting requirements of the tax authorities and pay the right amount of tax so they avoid criminal convictions, hefty fines and damage to their reputations. We also help shape business strategies, so organisations can legally reduce the amount of tax they pay.

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