Date PostedSaturday 29th December 2018
Closing DateSaturday 19th January 2019
Job TypePart Time
Salary£700 a month

Job Description

What are the requirements to become a Rover sitter? :
Number one: have a genuine love of dogs! You also need to be able to either have dogs in your home or be comfortable watching or walking dogs at someone else's home, and have the latest Rover app for iOS or Android. Beyond that‚Äîsitters come from a variety of backgrounds, from office workers to people with less traditional career paths. Note that your past work experience doesn't matter too much as long as you fit the requirements above. Rover is also great if you work from home or you're a student, recent grad, nanny, babysitter, seasonal worker, entry-level job seeker, retiree, or contract worker. Vet techs, vet assistants, or anyone in pet care or animal care fields can also make money with Rover while building professional skills.

How to Apply