Reference36914569 VIA WOW BROMLEY
Date PostedTuesday 1st January 2019
Closing DateFriday 1st February 2019
Job TypePermanent
Salary £18,000 - £24,000 per annum

Job Description

The Responsibilities

The game tester role may sound like it is all fun and games. Yet, it actually involves serious work that has something to do with getting a problem fixed before a game goes public to avoid bad reviews and significant losses. Here are some of the primary responsibilities expected of the role.

  • Go through a game in its entirety to identify potential issues that can affect player experience. Areas include functionality, performance, usability, compatibility, and content.
  • Provide qualitative feedback to the development team.
  • Ensure that all features are implemented according to design.
  • Checklist and regression testing
  • Documenting and reporting defects.

The Requirements

As a game tester, you are expected to have a strong passion for games and gaming experience (though not necessarily on a professional level). You should also at least have an associates degree, but a Bachelor’s degree is definitely a big plus.

Excellent attention to detail, A+ hand-eye coordination, strong oral and written communication skills, ability to work with a team, and ability to adapt to different testing requirements and priorities are key skills that will help you do well in this role. Additionally, you should have a good work ethic and a lot of discipline and patience, as testing can get monotonous and frustrating.

How to Apply