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Remedial Pilates The vast majority of our aches and pains are caused by joints misalignment and if we learn to identify this misalignment and how we can correct it, we can then support our body and lead pain free life with good mobility and ability. In Remedial Pilates we learn how to activate our core stabilisers and how to move safely with precision and control. It is incredibly important to teach our body correct movement patterns that will keep us safe while we go about our daily tasks, whether be it sitting in an office, cleaning, gardening, DIY, training, running, playing sport, golf and many more. My classes are tailored to all ages and some of them are mixed men & women. You’ll find my classes very educational and yet fun with lots of information to take with you and apply in your daily life. The best way to teach your body correct and safe movement is through controlled and precise exercises, this will have a long lasting affect and can complement the work of other therapists you are using such as Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist. The classes are of different levels so If you are not sure whether any of the classes would suit you please email or call me to discuss your situation prior to attending the class.

Remedial Pilates


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