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Using 15+ years’ experience working in operations and people management to help start-ups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) on a flexible basis to make a difference to real lives by: - working with business leaders to improve the way they manage their people – creating strong teams who are dedicated and focused (because they want to be there) - improving recruiting practices – first impressions count - putting the right structure in place – enabling businesses to develop and grow I’d love to help you gain work/life balance, your business flourish and keep your people happy.

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Excellent service and advice

"I had an HR issue that I had never had to deal with before and, although ignorant of the procedures, I was aware that the consequences of getting it wrong could be very serious. I therefore asked Acorns & Oaks for help, and Maria’s knowledge and advice were invaluable. She understood my concerns and, as well as setting out the legal requirements in detail, she offered practical solutions that meant the issue was dealt with before it became a major problem. I will definitely be turning to Maria for assistance in the future rather than trying to deal with everything myself. Maria offers great support in a number of areas that most small business owners do not deal with on a regular basis – an extremely useful and financially effective service."

  • Thursday 18th October 2018