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28 beckenham road

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Matwork Pilates classes in Beckenham. Classes are small with individual attention guaranteed. The teacher is Body Control Pilates qualified but also includes her wealth of experience with meditation and dance background. Challenging classes but safe with a lot of fun and relaxation. Mixed ability clients are welcome. The Bodhi Pilates promote movements with awareness that help to grow abdominal core strength, spine mobility and correct alignment of the body much faster. Learning to move with awareness eliminates rigidity and promotes fluidity in the whole body and internal organs, which has a therapeutic effect on the mind. With no time injuries and pain disappear. Stronger body, lighter mind!

Bodhi Pilates


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Best pilates class

"Post baby I really need something to get my core strength back and I was concerned about doing an exercise class that made it worse. However, this class has been the best find ever! Ilona is a fantastic teacher and is very careful to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly. The class sizes are small so you feel that you have had very personal instruction and her enthusiasm and encouragement make it lots of fun. I feel that I have made significant progress and it has been great way of finding a bit of 'space' to myself each week. Can highly recommend. She is an inspiration!"

  • Monday 7th November 2016

pilates class

"I started this pilates class several months ago and I recommend it highly. If you are considering doing some excercise then come and join in the fun. Our instructor, Ilona is a lovely and talented lady who will put you through the paces and improve your subtlety no end. "

  • Friday 30th September 2016

Great class for for all levels

"I have been wanting to try Pilates for a while, this is the first class I have enrolled to. I'm really enjoying it and would recommend it to all. Ilona is very meticulous teacher and gives a very personal experience for each class attendee. Her eagle eye will make sure you are holding positions and doing exercises correctly. It is a good level of difficulty for beginners while increasing it subtly each week. It is a small and fun class and a lovely way to grab some 'me time' on a saturday morning. "

  • Monday 26th September 2016

Fun and exciting classes!

"It took me a while to be hooked up by Pilates. My first experiences left me with a feeling "it's not for me, boring stuff!". Since I tried Bodhi Pilates with Ilona. Ilona's classes are fun, exciting, engaging and it all just makes sense. Now I get it: Pilates is an outstanding method to improve health and wellbeing and it does not have to be boring. Thanks to Bodhi Pilates in just few weeks my body posture has improved, I have become aware of muscles I did not even know exist and after each class I leave in such a good mood! Thanks Ilona and your excellent Bodhi Pilates classes."

  • Friday 23rd September 2016