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Enjoy learning to drive and passing your test with David Walkley's Chicane School Of Motoring, covering Bromley, Beckenham, West Wickham, Shirley & Petts Wood. All pupils get FREE access to "Theory Test Pro" software. Already passed your test? David also offers motorway lessons and the "Pass Plus" course to take your standard of driving beyond that required for the DVSA test, saving you money on insurance.

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The best instructor around!

"I cannot reccomend David at Chicane enough! Having had lessons with another instructor, I can honestly say that David is one of the best in the field. Not only were our lessons informative, where he was patient and understanding, but it was like having a drive with a friend. His continuous support and help has not only helped me to pass first time, but instilled me with a sense of confidence and love for driving. His own passion for being an instructor is motivating, and the only fault I could possibly find with him is that he puts his pupils before himself too much and doesn’t give himself enough of a break. Anyone considering lessons with David at Chicane should definitely take the leap, as it was certainly not a decision I’ve regretted, I would recommend David to anyone! Our weekly lessons will be more than missed! "

  • Thursday 29th November 2018

Great Experience!

"My learning experience with Roy has been great, I previously had lessons with another school but didnt really learn much at all. Roy was always extremely patient with me and made sure I understood everything before moving on. I actually started to enjoy my lessons and couldnt wait to be on the road.Roy always made sure the lessons were structured and informative and I felt relaxed and confident. I passed 1st time and I cant recommend Roy and Chicane enough!!! "

  • Tuesday 20th November 2018

The most patient instructor ever!

"David is a great instructor! It was an incredible journey of learning how to drive with him, he’s so informative, supportive and patient. Thanks a million David! :-)"

  • Monday 5th November 2018

Quite possibly the best driving instructor ever

"Learning to drive with David has been top notch, he is a cracking bloke and knows an incredible amount about driving. He has tonnes of tips and pointers that really do help. The lessons were always informative, up beat, fun, engaging and interesting. In honesty I can get bored easily but didn't happen in the lessons as were always fun and captivating. I have learnt an incredible amount from David. He has been supportive thought the whole process of learning to drive and pass the test. I feel safe and confident driving by applying what I learnt. The lessons are efficient and I passed first time with half as many hours of lessons as some of the people I know that went with other instructors. I very highly recommend David as your driving instructor. He is always understanding and flexible. I have huge amounts of respect for David he is honest, reliable, genuine and easy to talk to. Choose Chicane, you won't regret it. Couldn't Thank you enough David, been a pleasure cheers mate "

  • Tuesday 2nd October 2018


"Thank you to David for being an incredible instructor! Learning to drive was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience from start to finish. The lessons were thoughtful, creative, diligent, engaging, efficient and fun! The progress we made together was consistent and meticulous. I am delighted with passing both my theory and practical tests first time - this was made possible with the support, hard work, flexibility, patience and advice from David. Thanks again mate! "

  • Wednesday 29th August 2018

Great instructor

"David was so helpful throughout my learning experience. He put lots of effort to ensure that no matter what situation I was put in I was okay to deal with it. The progress of learning was fast and efficient as I learned to drive on not only the test routes but also general roads which ensures that as a driver I am safe and capable."

  • Tuesday 28th August 2018

The best driving instructor

"David has been a fantastic driving instructor and I've thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. He knows exactly what you need to do to improve and the discussions at the end of every lesson mean that you know too. He advised me to take my test at exactly the right time and I passed first time! As well as this he is very patient, cheerful and encouraging. I enjoyed our chats as much as learning to drive and they made me feel very comfortable. He manages to stay upbeat and positive despite working so much and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. I am looking forward to my Pass Plus lessons so that I can drive with him again! Thank you David!"

  • Friday 11th May 2018

Recommended Instructor

"My brother and sister went with David when they started driving and reccommended him to me. I wouldn't go to any other instructor now! David is an amazing instructor! He makes sure you're ready for your test before booking it and give you tips on how to stay calm and what you need to work on. He also makes sure that you're comfortable before you book it too. David is calm and patient. He never gives up on his pupils and always encourages them. He will teach you everything you need to know and go over everything with you including mock tests before the real one! Will defiantly do Pass Plus with David. Thank you for teaching me and being patient! #TeamDavid ! Haha"

  • Tuesday 27th March 2018

Pass Plus Course with Chicane? = Crucial for New Drivers!

"If you stumbled across Chicane, procrastinating about whether or not to do the Pass Plus Course, you needn't look any further. You'd honestly be doing yourself a disservice by opting for another driving school because David is truly a world class instructor. 👍 I had the pleasure of taking the Pass Plus with David, a month ago now, and I have left it this long to write a review so that I could comment on whether I thought the Pass Plus has made a difference to my driving. In short, the answer is YES — a massive difference. I'd easily say that it is one of the most worthwhile things that you could afford yourself in your driving ‘career’. The 6 hours that I spent training with David has thoroughly prepared me for the challenges faced on the roads. Since completing the course, I have been faced with a few difficult situations on the road. However, David’s tips have thoroughly prepared me to deal with these situations in a calm, confident and safe manner; keeping myself, my passengers and my car intact! Thanks to David, my awareness of other road users, reaction time and confidence has improved since passing my test. The course itself is phenomenal. For me, the most useful areas were being guided through the correct motorway discipline, complicated junctions and the hardest A roads and roundabouts in the area. The six modules (town driving, different weather conditions, rural roads, night driving, dual carriageways and motorways) demand varying skills and with David by your side, nothing new is daunting. It's surprising how many new things you'll learn in such a short space of time. As a new driver, you’ll have so much fun whizzing your car down the motorway and narrow country lanes in the darkness of the night. Overall, David is patient, relaxed, easy to get along with and always has a funny story to tell. Most importantly, because you are no longer a learner, you can very much have a say in what you want to practice. David is more than happy to dedicate time to the areas that you want to focus on. His passion for driving is so evident and has inspired me to become a better driver. I felt at ease with David in the car and I never hesitated to ask him any questions. His tailored teaching sees praise for the good aspects of your driving and advanced tips to take your driving standard to the next level. My friends and family have even commented on the improvement that they have seen in my driving so thank you David! New drivers, I can’t emphasis enough how essential it is for better and safer driving that you take the PASS PLUS course with Chicane. Needless to say, I would highly recommend 😀"

  • Wednesday 21st February 2018

Just the best instructor for me

"David was perfect when I was learning to drive, he put up with my constant apologies and nerves, always responding with encouragement and instruction. He taught me how to handle many difficult situations and made me feel confident driving at any time, in any conditions. It’s amazing how someone with such a busy schedule and all-consuming job manages to always be cheerful and supportive. Thank you David, I couldn’t have done it without you!"

  • Tuesday 13th February 2018

Fantastic Driving Instructor!

"Learning with David over the past few months has been an absolute pleasure. He has a calm and patient teaching style which I was really grateful for considering how nervous I became towards taking my test. I found David to be very approachable and easy to talk to, he was able to highlight quickly the areas that I most needed help with and focused on improving these during our lesson time. I'd highly recommend Chicane to anyone! Thank you for all your help David! "

  • Sunday 12th November 2017

Couldn't Imagine A Better Instructor

"Brass tacks, I wouldn't just suggest David to any person out there who is looking for a driving instructor, I would actively urge them to seek him out. Friendly, patient, flexible, and an extremely effective teacher. He's deeply familiar with practically all the roads in the area, and so lessons were able to be varied in road content, with all the learning benefits that brings (both in terms of test readiness and real-world readiness). I managed to pass my first time and firmly believe that David is a huge part of that success. There is no amount of thanks or praise I can give that I feel could make up for just how much David helped me."

  • Tuesday 15th August 2017

Thank you David!

"David is a very patient and friendly driving instructor. I was a nervous driver but from the very first lesson David was excellent at putting me at ease. He quickly picked up on the elements of driving I found most difficult and he always explained and demonstrated the theory. He knows the local area well so each lesson was planned to suit what I needed to practice. David is also very kind, chatty and fun to learn with. A fantastic driving instructor - thank you."

  • Saturday 22nd July 2017

Chicane Driving

"Honestly, David helped me so much through my driving and was so supportive throughout the whole process! He makes you feel so comfortable and ensures that there will always be something new you learn every lesson! I would recommend him to everyone he is amazing at helping you learn how to drive and will give you techniques that you will always be able to remember! "

  • Friday 30th June 2017

Fantastic instructor

"David is the most dedicated and passionate person when it comes to his pupils and absolutely loves his job, making the experience great for everyone. Driving was something I didn't find easy but David went above and beyond to give me confidence and push me towards the goal of passing my test. If it wasn't for David i would have given up, he is an incredibly patient, friendly and happy person making the frustrating days learning a little better. Fantastic instructor with a fantastic can do attitude. David is well worth the wait!!!"

  • Monday 29th May 2017


"Incredible instructor, I felt constantly supported and in control with his advice and guidance. Despite taking a while to be ready for my practical test he was persistently patient and made sure that when the time came I felt completely prepared and confident. I couldn't imagine a better, or friendlier, driving instructor!"

  • Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Great Instructor - Passed First Time

"David is a fantastic driving instructor who made me feel relaxed and at ease with his calm friendly manner. David's excellent communication skills allow him to breakdown and convey instructions that enable a complete novice driver, such as I was, to start driving from the very first lesson. I felt that David tailored each subsequent lesson and his teaching style to suit my needs and my speed of progress. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is either learning to drive for the first time or simply looking to refresh their existing skills. Thanks to David I passed first time!"

  • Monday 24th April 2017

Worthy of more than 5 stars!

"I recently passed my driving test after learning with David! I had a few lessons with a larger driving school years ago and didn't continue with them. But a friend recommended Chicane to me and my experience was completely different. Immediately David put me at ease and made driving enjoyable! Not only is David an awesome driving instructor who is very experienced and knowledgable, he is also really friendly and patient and I always looked forward to my lessons. He explains things in such a way that you can get to grips with techniques and skills really quickly. David is very reliable and even made time for extra lessons with me whenever he could. Thanks for everything David, I'll miss our drives around town!!"

  • Friday 7th April 2017

Great instructor

"Just had my test and passed first time. David is a great instructor and is always happy to help. I would highly recommend using David as he's a great teacher "

  • Thursday 30th March 2017

Highly recommend!

"David is a great teacher; patient, extremely knowledgable and passionate about driving. He was very flexible around my working hours which was hugely appreciated. David won't just teach you how to drive to pass the test, he will teach you everything you need to know to be a safe, confident and responsible driver. Through David's expert teaching I was able to pass my test with zero faults! Plus he's a really nice guy to spend time with! "

  • Thursday 16th March 2017

The best driving instructor!

"I couldn't have had a better instructor than David! He is very friendly, easy to talk to and makes lessons very enjoyable. Passing 1st time, I couldn't recommend a better instructor! Thank you for teaching me to drive David!"

  • Tuesday 7th March 2017

Amazing driving instructor!

"David is such a great driving instructor! So easy to talk to, very informative when mistakes are made. Couldn't have asked for a better first driving experience, passed 1st time and loved every lesson I had. "

  • Friday 3rd March 2017

Exceptional instructor

"Passed first time and couldn't have asked for a better instructor. David is very calm, while always clear and consistent in his verbal prompts. Super organised and flexible to suit your needs and schedule. Also one of the nicest people you could meet. I'm so thankful and can absolutely recommend David to others learning to drive. "

  • Wednesday 18th January 2017

Fantastic Driving Instructor!

"David was highly recommended to me and you can quite see why his business is built on such strong referrals. He instantly makes you feel at ease, is really friendly and has a calm, patient style with really effective learning techniques. I genuinely felt I was progressing with each lesson and David was consistently positive and encouraging, which is just what you need to keep improving. I can honestly say I looked forward to my lessons and David was a pleasure to learn from. The Theory Test Pro software was excellent as well. Thanks so much for everything, I am thrilled to have passed!"

  • Wednesday 5th October 2016

Amazing and fun Instructor

"David made everything really easy to understand and was extremely friendly when doing lessons. He makes sure you understand everything and is easy to learn from. Passed first time and it is all thanks to David!! Defiantly recommend to anyone wanting to learn."

  • Tuesday 27th September 2016

Great driving instructor

"I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than David – a really nice guy who puts you at your ease brilliantly and really knows his stuff – I actually really enjoyed our lessons and chats. Probably the highest praise is the simple fact I passed my test on the first attempt. Thanks David!"

  • Tuesday 19th July 2016

Brilliant driving instructor

"I got taught by David for 6 months and tried to have my lessons regularly, he really helped me and having free access to the theory app was great and I couldn't of passed without it! A lot of people say their driving instructors will make them upset or shout at them for doing something wrong but he is extremely patient whilst giving constructive criticism which is what I needed! I am so happy I passed and I thank you so much! "

  • Tuesday 10th May 2016

The best driving instructor ever!!

"Thank you David for all the early morning lessons. I really couldn't of passed 1st TIME!! Without you. I can't thank you enough! I'm so pleased I had you as an instructor.. 😁😁😁😁 "

  • Wednesday 6th April 2016

The BEST instructor bar none!!

"David is a superb instructor and teaches with instinct, rather than following the same set procedure. This means he teaches you, as a person, and not just another pupil. From my first lesson I was totally at ease in the car thanks to David's relaxed nature and, I really felt like I progressed well each week. His passion for everything motoring is pretty infectious and gives you great confidence when at the wheel. In all honesty there's nothing I can really write that does David justice. He is the best in the South East bar none and my driving would certainly not be where it is had I gone with somebody else. If you want to be a good driver then look no further than the Chicane School of Motoring."

  • Thursday 28th January 2016

David made learning to drive so much fun!

"I thoroughly enjoyed my year of lessons with David. I progressed week by week and discussions at the end of lesson helped me to understand what I had learnt and what I needed to focus on the next time. I felt suitably prepared for my test and passed it first time. I feel confident when out on the road and can’t wait to carry on driving. I am going to do the Pass Plus course to gain experience on motorways as I know that David will teach me how to drive on them safely and confidently. I would definitely recommend learning with him! "

  • Saturday 16th January 2016

An excellent instructor!

"David is a fantastic instructor that I would happily recommend to anyone learning to drive. I very much appreciated his flexibility in arranging my lessons to fit my erratic schedule, even when he was extremely busy he managed to squeeze in a couple of extra hours for me to prepare for my test. David has a great style of teaching; he's always relaxed which makes lesson extremely comfortable and when mistakes do happen I really liked that he would spend time explaining why they occurred and how to avoid it in the future, so that after every lesson I felt that I had learnt something new and grown in confidence with my driving! David you made learning to drive a real pleasure, thank you 😀"

  • Friday 13th November 2015

Highly recommended

"I passed my test - as a mature learner - yesterday. I started learning with David after having failed my first test. So, I was able to drive but I wasn't a (good or safe enough) driver and my driving was pretty hit and miss. David's skill, knowledge and patience helped me to actually become a driver, in terms of both ability and confidence. I also really like the Ford he is using, driving it as well as ergonomically. I think this is an important factor that is often overlooked; driving a different car, I used to get my back stiff after longer lessons but the Ford is very comfortable. I believe David is a natural teacher with a genuine passion for his work. I wholeheartedly recommend his school, and will be continuing using it for my Pass Plus course."

  • Saturday 3rd October 2015

Lynda Wright

"David was very patient with my daughter whose nerves were getting in the way of her pass. He managed to build up her confidence and get her through for which she is very grateful. Highly recommended, very nice man!"

  • Wednesday 26th August 2015

"Thank you so much David for today, particularly the very early start, and for getting Ollie to pass first time. Can’t praise Chicane enough, thoroughly recommend this driving school 👍🏻"

"David is fantastic at what he does. Only had about 8-10 hours of lessons and feel confident already. 10/10"

"David has been amazing working with my very nervous son and getting him ready for his test. which I am so pleased he passed today. I highly recommend Chicane"

"My son has been learning with David for 2 weeks now and his improvement is amazing!"

"Excellent instruction for my teenage son by David. Very pleased with his weekly progress and Harry passed his driving test first time. Highly recommend. Five stars from us for Chicane."

"I did my Pass Plus Course with David at Chicane who is truly a world class instructor 👍 In such a short space of time, David will equip you with so many different tips to help you become a better and safer driver. He is passionate about driving, patient, friendly and funny. I would highly recommend Chicane!"

  • Sam

"Driving is a life skill and it is important that you invest learning with the best person possible. David is the best teacher that I know of and strongly recommend to all my friends. He has loads of patience and has a smile on his face always. Thanks forever"

  • Ramakrishna Goud Peeta