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Dee’s Kitchen, a fully licensed family run Caribbean food business aims to deliver you quality home cooked meals, prepared with fresh foods, seasoned with love. Check out our menu, you can call us on 07538111216 to place your order via just eat here

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"I was well well happy when I saw this place opening on Sunday love Caribbean Jamaican etc food so had to go there what can I say about a place looks nice clean open you can eat inside if you want staff friendly smiley and approachable this time I had a takeaway went and bought some jerk chicken meal but when I get a meal I usually get a salad or coleslaw included in the meal sometimes some places give you a drink also I did not get that for the price it surprised me I wanted some planting but they were out of stock well disappointed wanted some saltfish fritters out of stock disappointed again so as I love fish ask for the fish fish was on the menu which is great because usually when you go to a Caribbean food place the 10 to do fish only one day of the week fish good size only thing not enough peppers and onions flavour was missing and unfortunately the fish was dry considering it has a bone in it the jerk chicken meal rice no flavour dry and sticky some bits and some lumpy could do with more peas that could be for my taste cannot see a hint of thyme in the rice maybe they don't have to it chicken also I could not see any Thyme flavour was lacking in chicken also dry considering he has a bone in it has been also if it wasn't for the jerk sauce there will be no flavour in that chicken couldn't taste the barbecue flavour on the chicken as they are new and starting in business I will go there again give him another try hopefully I'll be happier next time for the money you pay 4 me the portions are small there is no choice of a small or large portion which I like to see on the menu I will ask next time maybe do do it's just not in the menu I go there please give it a try see for yourself taste for yourself help those new places to build up the business I will recommend and I will suggest you to give a go this is my own opinion everyone's entitled to their own so try it for yourself"

  • lucky luciano da costa

"You can eat the rice and peas on it's own, it was that good."

  • Sophiyah Francis

"I had the curried mutton. It was amazing."

  • Rochsharna Porter


  • Woppets Poppets

"Nice plece"

  • Glyn Burnard