Famous hair
145 Hastings Road

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Famour hair is a new game changing barbers & hairdressers based In Bromley. We specialise in all types of hair, from Afro-Caribbean to European hair & more. For us its not just about cutting hair its a family thing 🌟

Famous hair


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"Oh my - the barber to super slow. My wife dropped me there at 5pm one evening. She drove to Greenwich - saw her mom. Had a chat with her mom and drove back and I was still waiting for a hair cut at 7pm. So I left and refuse to go back. I know he's trying his best but he's got to speed up 🏃🏾‍♂️"

  • Jermaine Frue

"I traveled 2 hours just to come here , these guys are legends"

  • KenzIsHere

"Managed to fix the unfixable"

  • manny jones

"This barber shop is top of the charts, fresh cuts, lovely hair styles and the also do women"

  • bigdiddy kk

"The best barber in town"

  • Caroline van graan brun