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Don’t let pain and discomfort ruin your day. At Hicks Health we believe that your health is the most important thing that you possess. However, our busy modern lives can sometimes cause niggling aches and pains. We’re here to assist your body to recover from painful issues so that you can get back to doing what you love. Not sure if Osteopathy or massage can help you? Simply book in for a free 15 consultation. We can discuss your presenting problems, answer your questions and decide if Osteopathy or massage is appropriate.

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"I saw Oliver at the end of last week, after an unfortunate timing of sneezing, had trapped something at the top of my back. I originally went for a sports massage, but after Oliver had listened to what I had done and did a general background check, he suggested a bit if Osteopathy to release the tensions and then a short sports massage at the end. This worked really well. My back was generally tense and he managed to unlock a bit of that and make my neck movements easier. Even though the procedure was slightly different to what was booked, it was still the sane price that I booked under. Oliver has also emailed me a few exercises to do since treatment, to help out the problem. For my particular problem, I think one sessions was enough, but I would definitely go back if I have any other problems of this kind of injury. Highly reccommend."

  • Nicola S

"Amazing! After going to 3 physios and 2 other Osteos, Oli was able to sort out some of my lower back & shoulder pain, as well as help me loosen up some ridiculously tight hips that were causing a lot of the issues. Was so happy with him that I convinced my girlfriend to go as well, and she is now being treated for headaches & shoulder pain and very pleased with the results. Super impressed with his knowledge & how much he cares about helping people who are in pain!"

  • Conner Corwin

"Really attentive, knowledgeable and professional, and sorted out my problem in one session to boot. I'm not a regular patient to osteopaths by any means but I've had a handful of appointments over my lifetime at different places from childhood to adulthood, and certainly recommend this one."

  • Marisa Montaldi