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I am a Sports Therapist with over 8 years post graduate experience. I specialise in the assessment, treatment & rehabilitation of sports injuries for all age, abilities & sports. I am currently based in West Wickham for appointments, but also work for England Rugby u18s & Kent Rugby Junior section. I spent 7 years as Bromley RFC's Sports Therapist, in my final season I helped the 1st XV win the RFU National Vase in 2015 at Twickenham Stadium to achieve the club's highest accolade. I treat a wide variety of sports injuries, particularly running, rugby, football and athletics, but also treat some musculoskeletal conditions suffered from the sedentary such as lower back pain. I have run 2 marathons (London 2013, Brighton 2014) and one Ultramarathon (The Wall 2014, 69miles). I am currently training for another 1/2 marathon and regularly attend the gym.

Hoss Sports Therapy


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Great support and advice

"I was recommended Hoss by a friend at my running club after getting shin splints whilst training for both Brighton & London Marathon. Hoss was so patient with me and gave me exercises and a plan that would get me through both of the marathons without making my injury any worse. I’m not the most patient and the injury was caused by doing too much too soon, but Hoss identified areas I was weak and helped me strengthen them. Without his help I don’t think I would have been able to run either. I love the app that the exercises get loaded onto and Hoss is always there with support and advice. Have since recommended him to friends and will continue to do so"

  • Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Fantastic support and service

"Hoss came highly recommended from members of my beginners' running group. Having started running for the first time last year, I got the bug and quickly upped my distance, only to get an ominous twinge. Hoss diagnosed a mild groin strain, and a combination of ultrasound and advice from him and working on the exercises he gave me at home has prevented this from becoming more serious and healed it completely. I am also a stronger, faster, more confident runner as a result of our work together, and have just completed my first half marathon in under 2 hours. I can't recommend him enough."

  • Monday 31st July 2017

Supporting all the family

"We have been using Hoss for a number of years now to look after the sports injury needs of our sporting family, comprising a netballer, runner and two footballers. We couldn't perform at our best without Hoss treating our injuries as and when they arise and providing us with the best aftercare and exercise programme to aid a quick recovery. He provides a personal service to each member of the family and we would thoroughly recommend him for all of your sports injury needs. "

  • Friday 28th July 2017

Helping me to keep running!

"Hoss was recommended to me by members of my running club. I am a relatively new runner but have been obliged to take lengthy 'rest breaks' due to an assortment of niggling aches and pains in my knee, hips and feet. I have a lovely GP but his only advise was that I should perhaps accept that I had started to run too late in life (I am in my mid sixties) and should consider walking or swimming instead. Hoss is both approachable and professional. He quickly established that my problem was a lack of strength and over two sessions drew up a personalised strengthening programme for me to use via the Track Active App which also featured very clear videos to ensure that I was doing the exercises correctly. The app also enabled me to note my progress and/or difficulties and was closely monitored by Hoss and amended to suit my progress. After 8 weeks I have been able to complete 3 10K races and a half marathon with no injuries at all (apart from the normal aches that you would expect!). Hoss is encouraging and supportive and always happy to answer any queries or give advise. I would not hesitate to recommend him."

  • Sunday 16th July 2017

Great help & aftercare

"I visited Hoss after sustaining a ligament injury in my foot playing football. I was impressed at his knowledge of the different ligaments and he instantly identified the damaged ligaments after performing a range of different exercises to test the movement. After my session, Hoss gave me resistance bands and a full programme to aid my rehabilitation which increased my recovery time, and also took the time to meet me at the his clinic late at night to strap my foot up before a big football match the next day. All in all, a very professional, high class physio that I would definitely recommend. "

  • Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Highly recommended

"In the run up to London Marathon 2017 Hoss helped me prepare by identifying areas of weakness and providing a programme to address the issues as well as keeping niggles related to the sciatic nerve at bay with conditioning and sports massage. This helped me achieve my goal of taking 10 minutes off my previous London result with none of the hip/glute pain I'd been dreading. It's easy to relax in Hoss' company and as I ran for a charity I got the unexpected benefit of him sharing fundraising tips too! I wish I hadn't left it so long before going to see him. "

  • Tuesday 16th May 2017

Excellent care and Re-hab Programme

"From being a complete non-runner last September and achieving 10k in January, my dismay at incurring an injury which left me unable to even walk in the early stages was soon assuaged when I went to visit Hoss. He is a thorough professional and through his expertise and excellent re-hab programme I am now running at my previous level. Hoss closely monitored my progress through Track Active and tailored each exercise to my condition, giving me confidence and encouragement to achieve realistic goals. He provides a very personal service and was always available to talk through any problems or concerns in between appointments. Thanks to Hoss I am now 'up and running" again!"

  • Sunday 14th May 2017

Knowledgable and effective

"In 2014 I ran the Brighton Marathon in extreme pain after being diagnosed with plica syndrome in my knee 5 weeks previously. I knew it wouldn't cause long term damage to run with this condition, but I also knew it would hurt, and it did! As a result I accepted this would be my first and last marathon. Fast forward 3 years and I got a dream place in the London Marathon through my running club. Massively mixed emotions in accepting the place....could I find a way to train and run this time round whilst managing the plica? I was by now already personal training with Hoss. We were working on building overall body strength to compliment my running. From January 2017 we added in clinic sessions, with Hoss monitoring my progress during long runs through Track Active and tweaking a programme of stretching and strengthening exercises to combat pain whenever and wherever it struck. Hoss was always at the end of a text to reassure me and keep me positive, he was attentive to symptoms and knowledgable with regard to treating them. With Hoss' help I was able to complete all my training with a minimum of pain and on Sunday I completed the London Marathon with a respectable PB. I had resigned myself to a life of shorter running distances but Hoss gave me the confidence (and tools) to run London. Thanks Hoss."

  • Tuesday 25th April 2017

Excellent Service & Aftercare

"I visited Hoss for the first time after a muscle tear (which I'd got whilst running) flared up after a slip on some stairs. The timing was poor - early Feb 2017 and I was supposed to be in training for the London Marathon 9 weeks later. I could not walk comfortably never mind run. After two weeks of therapy on my calf - strengthening muscles not only there but in all leg muscles & my core - I was able to run again. Within 3 weeks I'd managed a 9 mile run. After 4 a 15 mile run/walk. After 5 - 20 miles (all run). After 6 - a half marathon (all run). After 7 - 19 miles of hills. I was delighted and after the gloom of February I am delighted to say that the program Hoss devised has now got me over the line at the Marathon. Apart from the attention in the sessions, I was impressed by the at-home sessions devised and logged on the Track Active app. And finally - even after I was discharged, Hoss kept in touch to see how I was progressing. Totally recommended."

  • Monday 24th April 2017

Mary Gibbons

"I struggled to recover from an injury after running the Brighton Marathon 2016. I visited a physiotherapist who didn't really check my injured leg properly and, after not progressing over 2 months, I decided to look for an alternative. My first appointment with Hoss, I instantly knew I had made the right decision. He thoughtfully listened to what I had to say, asked probing questions and then did a thorough examination, massaging my leg to relieve the tension and then demonstrating strengthening exercises for me to continue with at home. Over the months that Hoss treated me, my strength recovered and I no longer felt the pain and discomfort, when running, as I had before. Hoss also helped me regain my confidence, when I went for that first appointment I really believed that I would never really be able to run properly again. Thank fully, I can now say that I ran the Brighton Marathon 2017 - achieving my fastest time yet. I really don't believe I would have got there without the help and support from Hoss."

  • Friday 21st April 2017

Excellent help and advice

"I went to see Hoss a week before running the Brighton Marathon with a niggling calf injury. Hoss provided some exercises and some treatment at very short notice but was realistic about what could be done given the time frame. He even gave me advice on the route based on his first hand experience of the marathon. However the treatment worked, the last training run I had no issues and managed the whole marathon with no calf issues. He followed up several times during the week with text messages and even asked how I got on after the marathon. He is a really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful sports therapist and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone with any type of sports injury."

  • Monday 10th April 2017


"I went to see Hoss as I had a muscle injury in my knee and he completely sorted it for me. Four sessions and a home plan later I am totally back to normal. Thanks Hoss :)"

  • Saturday 18th March 2017

Knowledgable, approachable, no nonsense!

"Hoss has helped me get over some old injuries, which has helped me get my fitness up to the next level. His no-nonsense approach, down-to-earth advice is just what I need. The app he uses is brilliant - you get a complete record of the stuff you need to do between appointments. Highly affordable - best money I've spent in ages. Totally recommend."

  • Thursday 16th March 2017

Taylor S

"Very helpful and knowledgeable. Has help me come back from serious injuries with treatment and rehab exercises. Would strongly suggest to any one playing sports and in need of treatment for an injury."

  • Monday 13th March 2017

5 star service

"I visited Hoss after an issue with my calf caused by running. Hoss managed to located the issue on the first visit, formulate a plan for recovery and give an indication of time this would take to heal. Hoss then set me up on his Track Active mobile app so I was able to follow a tailored recovery programme and report back on sessions which were reviewed before my next appointment. This approach prompted me to follow the exercises regularly and gave Hoss the opportunity to see feedback so he was ready to move me on at the next appointment. As a result I was back running exactly when Hoss said I would be. Throughout Hoss was very professional and was a pleasure to visit. "

  • Monday 13th February 2017

Great Service

"I came across Hoss a little over a year ago after being recommended by the (sadly missed) guys at Intersport in West Wickham. My return to running had seen me routinely pulling injuries due to being overweight, under trained and over ambitious. Hoss was professional and patient, identifying issues, finding solutions and then picking up the pieces again when another part of the process fell apart. Sessions were relaxed (if a little painful at times), informative but ultimately worked. When you work with performance professionals you need to put your trust in their hands and follow their guidance. If you do not believe in the service and treatment they are providing then they will never work. I am pleased to say that with the results that Hoss has provided i have no reason to doubt his treatment methods. Working with Hoss and a great coach i feel i have a team around me that can support my growth in fitness, challenge me to improve but also keep me conditioned so that injuries are fewer and less severe. Hoss has a relaxed manner, but cares for his patients. Whilst at first a surprise it has been refreshing to receive texts and emails occasionally to check that treatment plans are still working and appropriate or just to check that training is still on track. If you find yourself with training injuries, or long term issues that you cant seem to get rid of I would certainly suggest that you give Hoss a try. "

  • Tuesday 7th February 2017

Excellent Sports Therapist

"Hoss was recommended to me by one of the coaches from my running club. I had some hamstring issues which he sorted out for me with his expert knowledge some cleverly designed exercise programs. I've recently been back to him with some ankle problems which are already greatly improved, thanks to his advice and treatment. Aftercare is provided through the easy to use and clear Track Active app. He's extremely professional and continues to take an interest even after no more visits are needed. Thanks to Hoss I have been able to keep running, have completed several half marathons and in April hopefully, will complete my first full marathon at Brighton. Highly recommended. Thanks Hoss."

  • Friday 6th January 2017

Sports injury

"Hoss was recommended to me by a friend regarding an on going sports injury I had. What I have been most impressed with is his polite, professional manor and his attention to detail. Where Hoss differs from other physio's I have seen is the exemplary aftercare using the Track Active app which provides on going support. "

  • Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Weight loss

"I came to Hoss earlier in the year looking to loose some weight and just shape up in general! I have an extremely busy work schedule but Hoss was very flexible and came up with some great exercise ideas I could do several times a week that weren't too lengthy. He also drew me up a fantastic and easy to follow/prepare nutrition plan. He was supportive and helped me to set realistic goals. Now at the end of the year I have lost well above what I thought possible in a year. More importantly I have changed my life style to a healthier life rather then looking for quick fixes. Thank you for all your help Hoss! I am and will continue to recommend you. "

  • Sunday 18th December 2016

Great Sports Therapist!!

"I was recommended to Hoss by a friend who said he could help me out. I'm a PE Teacher and suffer from neck/upper back soreness from stress and poor posture. I also suffer from tight hamstrings from an old injury, this affects my ability to play football and rugby and limits some demonstrations at work. Hoss was able to fit me in and assess the shoulder and hamstring issues and explain the issues I have. He applied some treatment and used some techniques to improve my range of movement in my shoulders, back and hips. The Track Active app he uses to send the rehab plans is amazing, I can look at the exercises and stretches and perform them well by looking at the videos. I have the confidence to be sure that I'm doing the rehab well, which was an issue I had in the past with other therapists and rehab plans. After every appointment, he would go through a new plan which was progressed from the previous and explained his decision making. At the last appointment he gave me good advice to maintain the progress so I could play sport and work without any issues. His help and knowledge to reduce my symptoms, improve my range of movement and make me stronger was invaluable. I regularly recommend him to my friends. Thanks for all of your help Hoss!"

  • Sunday 18th December 2016

First Class

"Booked in to see Hoss after my Back and Shoulders were seizing up after aggravating an old Rugby injury. Hoss was professionsl throughout.. examined a range of my movements before methodically identifying the cause of my pain. Manipulated the area and gave me a set of stretching exercises to do on a regular basis.. monitoring my progress and level of pain via an app on my phone. Stayed in touch throughout, and only booked me in for a sports massage when absolutely necessary. Was discharged after 3 sessions, but Hoss continues to enquire after my injury. I have no hesitation in recommending Hoss for any Sports Injury evaluation and treatment , and general sports massage. Very reasonable rates, very approachable and empathetic to the type of injury. "

  • Friday 16th December 2016

A thorough professional

"I severely damaged my knee in overtraining , preventing even normal walking movements except slowly and painfully. Factually Hoss diagnosed the exact problem at the first session , used effective remedial therapy, wrote a series of programmes of exercises the results of which which were analysed each session and adapted to maximum effect, culminating in building the knee up to full movement and allow training in a remarkably short time frame. Hoss consistently combined the above with genuine encouragement and understanding - hard to underestimate the impact he had. "

  • Monday 5th December 2016

So professional and helpful

"Hoss saw me at short notice at his clinic, as my back 'went' two days before my son's wedding. He was brilliant - I managed to dance all night. The only reason I enjoyed the day was because of the treatment and exercises Hoss provided - thank you so much. I will be recommending you! "

  • Thursday 1st December 2016

Ilio Tibial band Syndrome

"I found Hoss through great recommendation and I am so glad I did.I am fairly new to running but thoroughly enjoy my new found hobbie, which keeps me fit and I have made some great friends through Zero to Heros. I developed some knee/hip pain and saw Hoss who immediately gave me a diagnosis, advice , personalized treatment plan and treatment. Following this I was able to run my first half marathon.I have since visited Hoss with some other issues and at every visit he is professional, honest and has time for you. Hoss goes beyond the extra mile with support,advice and encouragement.I have recommended him to friends and I will without hesitation continue to. Thank you so much Hoss for keeping me up and running ."

  • Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Knee trouble

"After having troubles with my knee at football and trying to either rest for a week and come back which wasn't working I visited hoss. He worked out what I had done (strained ligaments) and put me on a rehab program to strengthen my knee which in turn got me back playing again! Great work thanks Hoss."

  • Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Hamstring Problems

"I was suffering with a hamstring injury for several months which I was playing through during a busy football schedule. Hoss helped me with a rehab program, massage and advised rest which as a footballer isn't what you want to hear but as a result helped and made the end of the season pain free and more enjoyable. thank you Hoss Mike "

  • Saturday 2nd July 2016

One of the best

"Hoss "The West Wickham Wizard" has treated me for a back issue, shoulder damage from playing rugby and damage to the my ligaments in my knee. After seeing Hoss I have been able to go back to sport and training with no issues at all. The attention Hoss gives to any issue is top draw not sure you can find better around. I am pretty sure any issues, problem and injuries this man could fix the man."

  • Thursday 2nd June 2016

Fantastic Sports Therapist

" Hoss has treated my 11 year old Son on several occasions for various footballing injuries to his knee and thigh over the last two years. He was recommended to me by a fellow footballing Mum whose son had been treated by Hoss. Hoss is a fantastic therapist who is able to communicate and connect well to his patients whatever their age. The initial consultation is very methodical and he is able to quickly source the issues. He was able to find the root of my Son's injuries and devised programmes to facilitate and accelerate his recovery. He sent my son a link to an app he could access to log his rehabilitation exercises and record the progress of his mobility. This was a great help in motivating my son to complete the programme and ensure his recovery. His aftercare is second to none in comparison to other physios I have used and I would not hesitate to return to him for any of my family members. I have felt 100% confident in recommending him to other parents in both of my children's sports teams as well as my running/gym friends."

  • Thursday 7th January 2016

Highly Recommend - Wouldn't go anywhere else

"I was first introduced to Hoss by a friend back in 2014 when I picked up a bad hip injury whilst training for a charity trek on The Great Wall of China. Worried that I would have to cancel my trip, Hoss immediately put me at ease. He talked me through what the problem was and how best to recover, whilst also not putting my training in jeopardy. I can honestly say that without Hoss, I wouldn't have completed my trek! When I returned from China, I contacted Hoss and signed up for PT sessions with him. He created the perfect workouts for me and always managed to push me further than I thought I could go. Most recently, he has helped with a back and shoulder injury I picked up from work. I cannot recommend Hoss enough. The service he provides is outstanding. He is always in contact with you to see how you are finding everything and is always available to answer any questions you have. And the chats about the rugby are great too!"

  • Monday 5th October 2015

Excellent PT

"I started personal training with Hoss over a year ago. My main goals were to improve my fitness, nutrition and strengthen my lower back. Hoss is an excellent motivator and my fitness level is the highest it's ever been. He continues to offer excellent nutrition advice and gives great feedback on my eating habits which has encouraged me to improve and think about what I am putting into my body. I have suffered from lower back pain for almost 20 years which at times had been severe and affected me carrying out day to day activities. Hoss has been amazing in strengthening my lower back which has reduced this pain significantly. I fully recommend Hoss. You get much more than just the sessions, he provides ongoing support, motivation and encouragement in between your sessions ."

  • Sunday 13th September 2015

Highly recommended

"Hoss helped me improve my fitness levels tenfold. As a driving instructor, I spend hours on end sat in the car. As a result, my back often caused me problems in terms of muscle aches and tightness. Taking a very holistic approach, Hoss worked on strengthening my back to counteract my largely sedentary lifestyle, together with helping me tone up and feel stronger and healthier than I had for years. Apart from his professionalism, Hoss really is just a lovely, amiable guy. He never belittles you and adapts his plans to accommodate your likes and dislikes (I hate running and was delighted to achieve my goals without having to embark upon a 10k or worse!)"

  • Thursday 10th September 2015

Hoss for Sports Therapy & Personal Training

"Hoss has worked with me as both a sports therapist and personal trainer - and the combination of these services has proven invaluable. He's highly analytical of the approach he's taken with me, and the results are obvious. The sports therapy sessions are excellent because he's very careful to explain the condition, and why the strengthening and stretching exercises are important and will have an impact. Having him fully aware of my aches and pains also means the PT sessions are custom designed for me - in terms of my recovery, what I need, and avoiding what I can't stand - each session is obviously well planned in advance and continues to challenge and ensure my gains are maintained. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Hoss."

  • Thursday 10th September 2015

The only Sports Therapist I reccomend

"I'm glad I’ve met Hoss. The personal approach and expertise he brings to PT is second to none and I’d always come away from a session knowing exactly where I stood with the programme he’d put together for me. The knowledge he has with regard to eating the right food was another aspect which I found extremely helpful. Hoss has also treated me for a calf problem I was having whilst training for the London Marathon. After taking notes, giving me an assessment and giving me a sports massage, he came up with a rehabilitation plan. This included some homework exercises. With Hoss being a runner himself he was also full of tips for the big day itself. Simply the best money I’d spent all year as I completed the course under my target time. "

  • Saturday 5th September 2015

Highly recomended

"Have had a bad back on and off for a year now and after seeing a few different people and being told completely different things Hoss seems to have found the problem and is now working hard to put it right. The good thing about it Hoss is not just the appointment but the track active app and the follow up exercises and continued contact to see how I am getting on. It's also nice to have a chat about the rugby too. "

  • Monday 31st August 2015

Finally someone taking me seriously

"I've been struggling with a bad right arm for years, and no doctor, osteopath or anyone else has either taken it seriously, or been able to make me better. Then I started going to see Hoss and I was immediately taken seriously. Every appointment started off with an assessment, with him taking lots of notes and comparing my range of movement from previous sessions, before the treatment even started. I received different exercises to do at home, as well as suggestions on how to change little things in my daily routines and slowly started to see an improvement on my range of movement and my ability to use my arm. I cannot recommend Hoss enough and am so pleased with the improvements I've made since I started seeing him for treatments. Plus was also that the conversations were good!"

  • Saturday 29th August 2015

"Hoss enabled me with treatment and exercises to make a complete recovery from achilles tendinitis after physiotherapy and high volume injection failed to resolve the problem. He has also continued to help me with other misc issues. Very professional and effective treatment."

  • Mary Elliott

"Hoss is a very considerate and understanding professional. He was happy to listen to my concerns and was honest in his responses. He was thorough in his approach to my treatment and involved me in all aspects, which helped me feel comfortable with my progress. At the start of my treatment, he explained that running without pain was the ultimate goal. After a small number of sessions, I tried running and had no pain. Hoss was good enough to say that I didn’t need to see him for further appointments (even though I had one booked for the next week) and only to visit again if I had any injuries or problems in the future. I would (and have already) highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking advice for running-related pain."

  • Alexandra Robins

"I would highly recommend Hoss to anyone that is looking for an attentive and effective sports therapist. I went to Hoss when longstanding tension and knotting in my shoulder and neck began to impact my everyday life. He took the time to carefully diagnose and build a tailored plan to increase my strength and flexibility. He has kept up regular dialogue via an app and email and after 3 sessions I am now seeing real progress and a reduction of my symptoms."

  • Rob Marshall

"I have been to Hoss a number times over the last few years for running related injuries (achilles, adductor tendonitis) . Hoss has a great mix of taking time to do a thorough diagnosis and then recommending a rehabilitation program that combines various targeted exercises ( sent to you via an neat app) with some hands on manipulation work as needed. He also spaces appointments so you do not have to visit every week and has clear end goals so treatment is not prolonged when its no longer needed."

  • Paul Hemsley

"Enjoyed my program with Hoss. He's knowledgeable and listens. Using an app to log & remind me about exercises was the first the I've kept up with a regular training schedule. Recommended"

  • A Arn