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“EDUCATION IS NOT THE LEARNING OF FACTS, BUT TRAINING THE MIND TO THINK” (ALBERT EINSTEIN) Once upon a time, we were in your shoes. We were in high school thinking about what to do with our lives. During those confusing moments, when our mind was jumping like a monkey from one branch to the next, a multitude of people helped us: teachers, family, doctors, friends, people we met during work experience etc. Because of them, we got slowly closer to our dreams and aspirations. That’s the beauty of sharing knowledge. It transforms lives. It has the power to help humanity progress. This inspired us to make a promise to reinvest in the society that has invested in us. When we got our offers to study at university, we promised that when we make it, let’s help others to fulfil their ambitions. Let’s pass on the light that ignited the ambitious fire inside us.

Kan Do Med


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"I could not recommend Kan Do Med strongly enough! The tutorials are not only super informative and helpful, but a lot of fun meeting other like minded students. Highly recommend the course to anyone considering applying to medicine."

  • Hannah Bradbury

"Shaaji is doing an amazing job at Kan Do Med. She is sincere, brilliant and has her student's interest foremost in her mind. I have seen the organization grow over the years purely due to her untiring efforts. There has never been any compromise on quality at any point. The standard of education has always been top-notch. I would recommend Kan Do Med to everyone."

  • Vinayak Rengan

"I would recommend the Kan Do Med BMAT Crash Course to everyone! Besides from the excellent book and explanations, you get help from inspiring, patient and friendly teachers. Thank you so much!"

  • Josephine Hoeberechts

"Shaji was a fantastic tutor for my A level chemistry (As and A Level). Friendly and professional, she guided me through the full syllabus in an organised and easy to understand way which particularly helped me in my problematic areas. She helped me push my grade from an 'E' (that's below a D for those who remember the letter grading system!) up to a 'B' which got me into my preferred choice of University. Thanks again Shaji!"

  • Stuart Kuhan

"I have worked with Shaaji in the early years of Kan-Do-Med, she is a great tutor and very motivational towards her students and colleagues!"

  • Ghezal Arian