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As a qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and coach since 1999, I work with people of all ages to overcome destructive beliefs, feelings and behaviours. Using hypnotherapy as well as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), I help people to change their negative beliefs and thinking so they can lead a better life, free of anxiety, stress and depression. I offer a one session to quit smoking Losing weight for the summer or for that special occasion then I can help you gain control of your weight. Need to lose a lot of weight then I can help with the Virtual Gastric Band the non intrusive procedure.

Ken Tait


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Business Coaching/Mentoring In Partnership

"Ken Tait, I have worked alongside Ken Tait for a number of years. On the following subjects Brain Storming with Clients Mentoring Stress Therapy and Fitness Wellbeing Coaching Networking Speaking (with Individuals) I have worked with a number of Businesses but Ken shines out the most as he has passion, patience, and totally supports all the clients we have worked alongside. Ken has a calm nature which helps people to go forwards and challenge themselves. Although I have not needed to see Ken for therapy I believe from working alongside Ken, when we have clients for mentoring and Stress Therapy he shows a holistic approach. Ken Tait is also the Vice President of the Networking Cupper and is a valued member of the Committee. As with his Business he has drive and motivation to support Businesses to grow and this aligns with Networking Cupper values and beliefs in helping Businesses and People to grow. "

  • Thursday 6th April 2017

This man works miracles

"This Ken is some kind of genius. The other day I was riding a cable car a thousand metres (that's more than half a mile) up the side of a mountain, in an overgrown bucket. I appreciated the peace and quiet, looking over the side of the bucket - and enjoying it. A mere two weeks earlier, the very thought of this would have me curled up in a ball, quietly whimpering. Thanks to Ken, the fear of heights that has blighted my life for the guts of 40 years has gone! Gotta go now, I have some catching up to do, starting with the London Eye. I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks, Ken."

  • Saturday 3rd October 2015