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Building a new website can sometimes be overwhelming and pretty time-consuming! Once you have found the technical help you need you may be thinking about how to structure your site, how to define your offering and then there’s all the images to consider. Once that’s all done (big sigh!) you have to magic some time to write all the words! Time? I know, you don’t have too much of that, especially since you have a business to run. Hang on, perhaps you don’t even like writing? As a marketing professional, specialising in website copywriting, I can bring a fresh perspective and create the compelling content you need to achieve the quality finish you want for your website. Quality content will help to engage visitors and drive them to action. Are you a website designer? Do you ask your clients to write the content but find they are too busy to do so? Do you find that waiting for content delays the launch of your clients’ website? Yes? Then maybe it’s time to strengthen your digital partnerships & bring a freelance Website Copywriter on board?

Lee Townsend - Freelance Website Copywriter


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