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Do you want to write songs and jam with other musicians?

Honestly, playing the guitar is enjoyable and exciting. But learning to play the guitar on your own can feel like an uphill struggle. If you feel stuck, unsure and unmotivated then you are not alone.

I've been through it myself. New things just feel unnatural before you get good at them. At times you'll feel lost or unsure of what you should do next.

What you need is a proven system. A system that gives you more than just chords and scales. You need motivation and focus. You need a method that not only teaches you how to play great music, but teaches you how to learn and have fun learning.

My name is Liam Harris. I am a professional session guitarist, recording artist and guitar tutor in the areas of London and Kent.

Teaching music is my passion. Having completed a degree in Music Performance & Recording at the London College of Music, my goal is to pass on my years of experience to people who want stress free and enjoyable learning.

My teaching system is not about learning all of the rules. This can get boring quickly! Every person has their own musical voice that simply needs to be released. There are simple barriers that stop this happening. I'm all about removing these barriers so that you can start feeling and enjoying the music from the start.

You might feel that it's too late to start or you're not really a creative person. My method will show you that expressing yourself with the guitar is possible and fun for all types of people at all ages.

So, are you considering learning the guitar? Or, if you have any questions I'd be pleased to help. Call 07914 435572 Liam Harris



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