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MTA Solicitors LLP provides expert and affordable legal services to both private and commercial clients.

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"MTA Solicitors, in particular, Joanne B, has provided an outstanding professional service, and we couldn't be happier. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jo. She took her time explaining everything in detail, and has been extremely helpful, keeping us updated via the phone, email and post, giving us the right advice on time. She provided our family with fantastic support and advice, securing us with an outcome that we are extremely pleased with. I have no hesitation at all of recommending MTA solicitors to look after your claim."

  • Alice Stewardson

"Would highly reccommend! The whole way through my case my solicitor was very helpful, keeping me informed every step of they way. MTA was very easy to contact, never had to leave voicemails as someone was always there to help. I am very happy with my final outcome."

  • Abbie Lambert

"A brilliant company to deal with . Mr Marcos Severini took on our case ( against the odds ) and kept us informed the whole time . I have never dealt with solicitors before but I would use these again .no patronising or legal jargon just straight forward information . I can't rate them highly enough .give them a go,you won't be sorry"

  • cheryl cheshire

"Great service from MTA excellent support through the court process full explanation at every stage. Would highly recommend a quality service at a competitive rate."

  • Clay Lamont

"NO STARS UNPROFESSIONAL FIRM DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. I am so disgusted with this firm I haven't even use them I first made contact at the beginning of August to see if they could take on the disrepair case they have taken over 2 months to come back to me bearing in mind I've received emails to send them all my personal details within the first week of me contacting them so they've had that too with you and then they've had the audacity to phone me once each day asking me stupid questions like who do I pay rent to am I living in the property where disrepair is bearing in mind they got all this information at the beginning a full report photographs confirming the disrepair the current condition of the property and then they turn around and say to me oh sorry after with you in your file this is something that we don't specialise in bloody ridiculous what complete waste of x how unprofessional and how ridiculous can a legal firm be to take over 2 months to tell somebody whether or not they deal with their case what kind of morons have they got working for them. I am so living in the time that's been wasted I've been so patient waiting for the legal advisor to get back to me instead of wasting my time they should have been able to assess my case at the beginning and not put me through this trauma in these 2 months that have lapsed the disrepair has gotten worse down to these people by me having to wait for them to come up with an outcome during this time we've had additional water ingress so the property is being affected which these morons have allowed to take place. I will be reporting this firm to the governing bodies because it's not good practice and there's no way they should be stringing people along and wasting time I could have found another solicitor that was willing to take on the case within that time instead of waiting and wasting time with these morons. And I will be taking this further and I'll also be seeking compensation."

  • chantelle kinghorn