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Is your pet eating what is best for them? Are you aware of what is in the food that you are giving them? The diet of our pets is very important to their health and wellbeing. A healthy pet is a happy pet. A healthy pet means less vets bills – and a happy owner. Come and visit our shop or online store or contact us to find out how we can help you.

Food and nutrition plays a vital part in the health of your pet. However, so do other things that touch their lives. To this end we stock ranges of natural herbal remedies, natural shampoos, safe toys, dog friendly harnesses, beds, etc. etc.

Our philosophy is to sell ethically sourced, healthy products. We are on a mission to improve the diets of dogs and cats and improve their life, health and wellbeing. To help that we can also offer advice and consultations as well as many other services. Please browse our website to find what we offer – and if you cannot find what you want, please contact us (by e-mail or telephone) and we will do our best to help you.

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"Lyn and John are absolutely amazing!!! Very knowledgeable and welcoming!!! And their beautiful misty is a lovely pup. I'll definitely be sticking with these guys for all my dogs needs xx"

  • Ally burrow

"We have been using Paws Naturally for all of our dogs food requirements, for the past 2 years since he was a puppy. Lyn and John are always helpful and offer advice if required. Their dog Misty is a favourite with our dog Harry and they always have a 15 min play when we go in. We would have no hesitation in recommending Paws Naturally, and indeed have done on many occasions when we have been asked how we keep Harry looking so shiny and healthy!"

  • Claire Monahan

"Really surprised at the last review of this amazing shop!!! My dog is an untenured male and the shop's dog is always very lovely and welcoming. This shop is the way forward, my dog had stomach problems for the first nine months of his life costing me a fortune in vets bills, since being on the raw food diet for nearly a year (never come across a worn by the way...) he finally has a normal digestion and no more vets bills and chemicals. Lyn and John keep up the good work and you have a customer for life with us!"

  • daisy jones

"Nice shop with good products but a shame about the owner, who thinks it's acceptable to let her dog approach and harass customers' dogs. We don't take our dog in there any more because her dog isn't properly socialized to ignore other dogs. The owner also thinks it's acceptable to hand out (incorrect) "training" advice when she isn't, by her own admission, a trainer, nor interested in actually training her dog. Be aware if you are thinking of going in this shop with your dog: if they are nervous or not dog-friendly, this owner's dog may approach and cause a fight. Irresponsible. Such a shame."

  • Ninky Malinki

"This is hands down the best pet shop we’ve ever come across. Lyn cares so much about pets and is very educated when it comes to their health. This is so much more than a pet food shop, and I think everyone who visits there will agree. Numerous vet visits didn’t solve our lovely Pepé’s allergies, but advice from Lyn did."

  • Sam Langley