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Jane’s classes are a wonderful balance of hatha postures and education, focusing on strengthening and toning, increasing mental focus and flexibility; all of which help reduce stress, increase stamina, boost energy levels and bring about an overall enhanced feeling of well being, vitality, calmness, confidence and self-awareness. Jane invites you to share with her the many benefits of yoga, as well as a sense of fun and achievement, as you deepen your body-mind connection and enjoy your journey with yoga.

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Jane's Yoga class

"I've been to a few Yoga classes but not found a Teacher like Jane. Every class is different, and her style of hatha flow is strengthening but relaxing too. My back has really improved and I am stronger and generally fitter than ever before! She always gives attention to newbies, and is v flexible and friendly in her approach. Thanks Jane! "

  • Wednesday 7th October 2015

Jane's yoga class

"I have been going to Jane's Saturday morning class on and off for a few years now and can honestly say it's the best way to start your weekend and forget about the week. Jane has a very relaxed way of teaching, you go at your pace but she is always there to encourage you. The class is hard work, but worth it. I feel energised and ready for the weekend. Thanks Jane"

  • Tuesday 6th October 2015

My Yoga journey with Jane

"I really enjoy Jane's classes and am very pleased how my Yoga positions have developed with her tuition, keeping me strong and flexible. Her classes always finish with a 15 minute relaxation which prepares me for the week ahead. "

  • Saturday 29th August 2015

"Absolutely brilliant! I look forward to class every week and it has really helped me to prepare for the natural birth that I would like to have. Jane is a fantastic teacher, and the class is always filled with lovely liked minded mothers to be. These classes have had a very positive impact on my pregnancy and I could not recommend them enough."

  • Therese Beaini Mower

"I have started to attend Jane's Yoga classes and they are brilliant, highly recommend as Jane is a fantastic teacher."

  • Jeannette Jackson

"Radiant Yoga - Yoga Nidra MP3 I use the MP3 version of Jane's Yoga Nidra CD on my mobile a lot and find Jane's voice and instructions to be soothing and calming. I've found Yoga Nidra to be a powerful technique as an aid to relaxation and a way of focusing the mind and coping with a stressful job. "

  • Steve Spice

"I started my Yoga journey by doing chair based Yoga for seniors. After a while I found this really easy and Jane suggested that I was ready for the general Hatha Yoga class without chairs which I never thought I would be able to do. With weekly practice and Jane’s encouragement I can now do many poses and eventually hope to progress to the more difficult ones keeping me fit and healthy but feeling a lot younger. I also find Jane's Yoga Nidra Audio CD to be invaluable and it has helped me to relax and be calm through several stressful situations recently! "

  • Patsy Grey