Sapore Vero
78 High Street

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We have named our pizzeria “Sapore Vero" for a very good reason: Translated from Italian to English it means “real flavour", which is something that we strive to provide in every single pizza that we serve to our customers. Tired of industrial pizza? We want everyone to be able to sample the real taste of Italian pizza. If you’re ready to experience that taste, make sure you visit our pizzeria in Beckenham Junction today. You’re probably wondering how we create such a tasty experience for our customers, right? The thing is, we can’t go into too much detail because we don’t want our competitors to copy us, but what we can reveal is our secret weapon: A wood fired oven! Every single pizza that we make at Sapore Vero is cooked to perfection in our wood fired oven.

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Pizza at it's best!

"Wonderful service, wonderful food! If you like pizza you'll love Sapore Vero."

  • Saturday 12th September 2015

"Very disappointed with this place and won't be returning. Pizza's were soggy in the middle and too much ricotta in calzone. The young man who served us was aggressive and rude and service was incredibly slow. He also didn't know his wine menu."

  • Karen Newman

"I discovered it by chance, but it is definitely the best Italian restaurant I have been to since moving to the UK from Italy. Food is awesome and prices are good too; the staff is friendly and it has a warm atmosphere."

  • Nata Popa

"Incredibly good pizza and very good company of the whole staff. Highly recommended"

  • Elena Carrossa

"This is the second time I've purchased a pizza from sapore vero and it will be the last, the pizza weren't so bad the dough a bit chewy a bit under done,but definitely acceptable, I asked for a rocket salad I paid ยฃ4.00 give or take 20 pence which was tiny ,I wish I could post a pic of it,,but even more aggravating than this is the rudeness of the staff they threw my pizza in the box whilst shouting something in Italian, I kindly asked for them to cut the pizza ,tbh I didn't even want to ask them to do this, ,they guy should pay more attention to his customers than trying to chat the young girls,,and talking like the mob,,and yes I got home with a uncut pizza..Dreadful."

  • Luke Mckay

"This is our second dining room. The menu never changes (including the eternal wild boar ravioli) and they try varieties with special dough and etc Yet the suburban neighbourhood flair is just great, the staff is friendly, the pizzeria full, and most importantly the pizza itself is fantastic at affordable prices. Ps they accept gourmet society. Highly recommended and a first choice amongst the half a dozen or so leading pizzerias in South East London. "

  • Uwe Lambrette