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Individually tailored therapeutic reflexology, using only organic products, to bring about deep relaxation and improved wellbeing. Qualified MAR therapist who is a former Midwife. Sole Therapy Reflexology, based in Orpington, focuses on improving its clients health and well-being by providing a treatment that is personalised to the individual. A relaxing therapy space is enhanced with soft music, warmed oil and heated clothes. The aim at Sole Therapy Reflexology is to provide the client with a calm and pleasurable experience that is tailored, to bring deep relaxation and to help with any specific ailments identified during the initial consultation and throughout the relationship. Emma is a qualified reflexologist, with a Diploma in reflexology and a BSc in Midwifery, who has specialist training and experience in specialist therapeutic reflexology.

Sole Therapy Reflexology


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"I am so glad Emma was recommended to me via a friend, she really helped to ease my work stress."

"I look forward to my regular monthly reflexology session with Emma, and always come away feeling re-energised, relaxed and re-balanced. I highly recommend having a reflexo0logy treatment with Emma."

"I highly recommend Emma, I found her via a friend’s recommendation for back pain - I was really suffering since the birth of my baby and after the first session I noticed a huge difference. She also worked on improving my energy levels and mood, which has had a significant difference. The most surprising thing to have come from my treatments with Emma is that the verrucas I’ve had on my foot for over 20 years have completely disappeared ! This can only be down to the reflexology treatment as I’ve not treated them in several years as nothing worked ! Even if you’re slightly sceptical, I would highly recommend giving reflexology with Emma a try."

"Treatments by Emma have been fantastic. Her warm welcome always puts you at ease, you come out feeling a million dollars! I would highly recommend Emma for your reflexology treatments, worth every penny. OMG and the chair is to die for!"

"Every session I have with Emma benefits me in a different way. Her magic hands out paid to a whole range of ailments and I regularly book in for a 'rebalancing' session just to iron everything else out. Can't recommend her enough!"

"I’ve been coming to Emma for migraines & headaches treatment but today I went for back pain. I managed to get back in my car without any problem hopefully your magic hands have helped my back as much as they have with my head Thanks Emma Xxx"

"Cannot thank you enough for helping my little one! Amazing ��"

"Wow, what an amazing lady, I have never been to reflexology before and was recommended by a friend of mine who has been seeing Emma herself and told me how wonderful Emma is at Reflexology and how she has helped her. So I thought I would contact Emma myself and I was not disappointed at all, from the first time I met Emma she made me feel at ease, this lovely lady is always smiling and always very helpful. I have been going to Sole Therapy Reflexology for a while now and every time I see Emma I come out feeling great, so much so I have recommend her to all my friends who also now see Emma. So if you have aches, pains, trouble sleeping, migraines, need balancing or any other needs the list is endless then Emma the lady who can help you, so go on give her a call. Thank you Emma xxx Caroline"

"Both relaxing and therapeutic. Emma is also very caring and has a holistic approach !"

"You absolutely must go to Emma for a reflexology treatment. Before I met Emma I had never had reflexology in my life so didn’t really know what to expect. I was blown away! Needless to say I went back for several treatments. You wouldn’t believe the things that can be cured by using pressure points on your feet! Not only did I become open to the benefits of reflexology, I found a friend in Emma. Emma is friendly, kind, happy, calm and will adjust the environment to suit you. I enjoyed a good catch up whilst having a treatment, but if you want to lay down and sleep you can. If you haven’t already you have to go! Thanks Emma! Xx"

"I highly recommend Emma's reflexology treatments! She's highly trained in the latest methods and a former midwife which shows in the quality of her approach and professionalism. I love the little touches she's put in place like the heated towels for your feet! I fall asleep in every session which speaks to the space she creates for you to completely unwind and truly relax. It's why I now have regular sessions. She's enabled my body to stop illnesses in their tracks and with life being so hectic I know that I'm treating my body and mind to some much needed recharge time. She really stands out from the crowd - book a session for yourself to see what I mean :)"

"I really enjoy my reflexology sessions with Emma. I become instantly relaxed in her care and feel amazing afterwards. She is highly professional and knowledgable and listens in detail to any issues I might have. Emma provides detailed explanations before and after treatment as to what issues she will help with and any problems she has picked up. She also gives useful pointers on self help techniques in between appointments. I always look forward to seeing her and have recommended her to a number of my family and friends."

"The treatments that Emma provides are fabulous, so relaxing that if you shut your eyes you'll be bound to fall asleep. She performs wonders on your feet to benefit your whole body. An amazing experience."

"I really look forward to my sessions at Sole Therapy, not only are my treatments relaxing and enjoyable but my health has also benefited from having the reflexology too."

"I highly recommend Emma! She's seriously in a league of her own. I have monthly sessions for relaxation & a full body & mind wellbeing boost! My mum & sister now have treatments with her too & rave about her! To the hot towels for your feet at the start, the deep relaxation throughout and the thorough diagnostic at the end you've got to experience a treatment yourself!"

  • Rachael Beesley

"Emma has treated my whole family and is just AMAZING. The space she has created in her home is comfortable, cosy and warm and a real sanctity... I can't tell you how much I look forward to my treatments. I can talk to her about anything and she listens empathetically and treats me accordingly, and we have a giggle along the way! I came to Emma after years of struggling with my fertility and after a miscarriage - Emma showed me compassion and empathy and through regular affordable (she offers packages too!) appointments my cycle is now regular. I swear she has magic in those hands of hers. With my 4 year old daughter, who she treated for sleep issues, tantrums and allergies and preparing for the emotions of starting school, Emma did wonders and was so patient with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma - in fact I regularly do!"

  • Matilda Kemp

"Fabulous treatments and very well treated by Emma. She is amazing. Highly recommended."

  • Tim Clark

"What an amazing lady, I think she actually could be magic? I really don’t know how she does what she does but what I do know is.....she’s a true pro at it! My little boy and myself have been treated by Emma and I’m so thankful we found her, she’s made life a whole lot easier, there’s no clinic that even comes near Sole Reflexology Clinic, Thankyou Emma for all your help, you’re the best"

  • Luci Hayes

"I took my son to see Emma for reflexology for his functional abdominal pain. She has reduced his pain levels from 8-9 to around 2. Emma has a lovely manner and made my son feel very comfortable during sessions."

  • Cath Walford