Spinal Elements Chiropractic
1st Floor
Compass House
36 East Street
0208 289 6956

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At Spinal Elements Chiropractic we aim to offer to provide the highest standard of chiropractic care. The gentle technique used promotes good health by aligning the body. This in turn relieves aches and pains caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction and improves the nervous system, enabling it to function at its optimum, which effects the whole body.

Spinal Elements Chiropractic


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"Sarah has treated my sore neck and shoulders so effectively. I was needing to take painkiller to manage the symptons, regular massages were not sufficient I needed a chiropracter like Sarah. I highly recommend her."

  • Keith Parker

"Sarah is a super talented and knowledgeable Chiropractor. She has helped me so much with my knees that often dislocate due to EDS. Her treatments give me great relief for the pain I'm often in. Recommend her greatly!"

  • Kerrie Dixon

"Sarah at Spinal Elements is a real professional. Her consultation and treatments are very thorough and she's been helping me for over a year now. She is different from any other chiropractors I've seen in the past, more gentle and much more effective! I can't recommend her highly enough! My low back always feels better after the treatment, so I only have to maintain it once a month now. Top service and results!"

  • Agata Dudo

"I am so grateful I have come across Sarah @SpinalElements. I previously never had any chiropractic treatment so was anxious that it would hurt or I would feel strange. She made me feel at ease with the consultation she was very clear and compassionate with my issues. What sigh of relief! Treatment was good and I felt comfortable to be treated. She also fixed me when I have been playing sport excessively and not feeling 100% Sarah got me back playing. The fact she actually cares about her patients and wants to see you better is worth every penny! You are a star!!"

  • leonie lawson