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Successful Mums helps Mums find flexible and part time work, start a business and feel more confident and focused. Our training provides career advice, business steps and connections with local employers. If you would like to get involved with our Successful Mum Graduates you can do so through Guest Speaking or our Jobs Board. Get in touch for more information


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Back to Work - 3 Week Course

"I am 2 weeks into the Successful Mums 'Back to Work Course' and have also attended the 90 minutes 'Find a Job you Love Taster session'. Both were provided in very different settings but both were attended by like minded, very capable women - definitely a huge talent pool. I found Jane very professional, and her courses well thought out and full of useful information about where to find flexible/part time jobs, CV writing and interview tips. Most importantly, I found Jane a motivational speaker, who has inspired me to value my experience as a professional, but also as a parent and to dig deep, and try to find not just a job, but The Job. Looking forward to my 1-to-1 with Jane. "

  • Monday 30th January 2017

Find a job you love taster session

"Very inspirational 90 min session where Jane gave a lot of useful information about going back to work, from writing a CV and what transferable skills parents have that employers are looking for, to where part time, flexible working jobs are advertised. I would totally recommend attending if you need some advice and gentle guidance where to start. Jane is friendly and approachable and puts you and the whole room at ease very quickly. Thank you Jane Knight and @successfulmums."

  • Monday 23rd January 2017

Find a job you love Taster Session

"The session on the 7th of November was very well planned, with lots of practical advice and encouragement. I would highly recommend it. Thanks!"

  • Monday 14th November 2016

Business Start-up Taster Session

"I'm not a mum but I went along to the Taster session on Monday 7 November and came away with ideas buzzing around my head. Jane's presentation was informal, fun and informative. The interaction with the other attendees was great and it was good to know the worries and challenges that I have are shared by many others. I fully recommend this session for anyone thinking about starting their own business."

  • Thursday 10th November 2016

Business start-up course...

"I have just finished attending Successful mums business start-up course, which was fantastic! Jam-packed with ideas and advice to help mums start their own business. It was a great opportunity to meet other mums either currently, or looking to work for themselves. An inspiring and uplifting course. Thank you Jane!"

  • Tuesday 8th November 2016

Business Start up Course Attendee

"I have Just finished the 6 week business start up course run by successful mums. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I found Jane to be inspiring, charismatic and extremely supportive. The course was itself was so informative and the guest speakers were wonderful. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone starting or thinking of starting a business."

  • Thursday 3rd November 2016

Attendee at Business Start-up Programme

"I am now into the 6th and final week of the Business Start-up Programme, which is being run by Successful Mums in conjunction with Orpington 1st and I am so glad I took the plunge. I have enjoyed sharing ideas with like-minded mums, listening to other people's journeys and learning a range of new skills. If you're looking for inspiration, guidance, direction or encouragement on setting up your own business, then don't hesitate to sign up. Thank you Jane, Orpington 1st and the wonderful guest speakers for your support."

  • Monday 31st October 2016

Great ideas from attending Workshop

"I attended Jane's workshop and at the time i felt very anxious and did not know what to expect but i felt at ease throughout and could approach the ladies that were present at the time as well as Jane.Everybody was lovely. Jane helped me further my career based on the day of the workshop asking me lots of questions and to have the knowledge and understanding of how to relate back.Jane is a great person,lovely and very helpful,she can make all the mum's feel happy in themselves and by giving them a positive attitude of which path they should take..Jane emailed me a draft copy of a CV which i then related to and worded everything the way it should be worded and since then i have been getting phone calls with regards to attending interviews.Since i found a job that was suitable for me i now have a permanent job thanks to the help from Jane...I definitely recommend all mum's to attend Jane's workshop..thank you Jane for your help keep up the good work.... Lisa Barkway"

  • Wednesday 30th September 2015

Full of ideas for new possibilities

"I attended a free taster session entitled "Find your flexible career first steps workshop". Jane is very motivational and inspiring and encourages her clients to think in different ways and engage new possibilities for the future. She was able to provide us with plenty of contact details for specialist agencies to help in our search for part time and flexible recruitment , which is really helpful too. It was also very beneficial to meet with other like minded mums who are up against the same issues in searching for jobs which fit with family life after a period of leave from paid employment. Thanks so much Jane ! I am feeling very positive about my next steps ! "

  • Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Great Workshop

"Jane is one of the inspiring lady I ever met,she is so supportive.Today if I get my 'Goal'its only because of Jane and her training.Before joining I was unclear about my career, but only because of 'Successfulmums' workshop I got my Goal,and today i built "New Version of Me". I will surely say thank you for such a wonderful workshop for making mums successful... And 100% I recommend this training for all mums who want to build their "New Version"...!!!"

  • Saturday 19th September 2015

Great support

"Jane is engaging, inspiring and extremely supportive. She is very approachable and personable and has an ability to put a room full of strangers instantly at ease. The Business Start-Ups workshop is a fantastic spring-board to taking that first step into doing something for yourself. It not only offers advice and information but also is an excellent brain storming opportunity and provides a great support network post-workshop. For any mum who is looking for a career change and thinking of starting out on their own this workshop and Jane's other courses are extremely beneficial. "

  • Thursday 10th September 2015

"Before completing the Successful Mums Back to Work course, I was lacking in confidence and had that feeling that I was unemployable after an 8 year career break. The course helped me realise I was on the right track with my CV and job applications, and I now feel fully confident that I will be successful gaining employment in the perfect position, once I find it! Our coach Georgina has been amazing... so knowledgable and supportive, and it's great to be able to contact her with any queries when applying for jobs. Thank you for this wonderful course! I would highly recommended it!"

"I attended the most recent Level 2 diploma in Personal Development, employability and business start up course at the Warren with Successful Mums.. Well I cannot tell you how much it changed my mindset.. and how much I have grown as a result! I learnt how to build a robust business plan, build a solid financial forecast, I am now in the knowledge how to market my business through advertising and social media and to a dragons den style pitch, which was well.... A-MAZ-ING!! Experience!! I have been well equipped with the knowledge I need to drive my business forward and work on my personal development. I also met some amazing ladies, also my Trainer Derryn was a big inspiration to us all. Wish I could give the course 10 stars �"

"Just completed the back to work course . It was fantastic, cv updating, interview planning and where to look for those flexible roles. All very helpful as well as boosting confidence for those of us that have been busy raising our families and not worked on our careers for a long time!! Thank you"

"Cannot express how amazing this team are! Confidence builders and cheerleaders for mums who want to return to work! Georgina is so wonderful 🎉"

"I found the taster session to be really informative, relaxed yet professional and incredibly helpful. Jane is lovely and I felt really comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend this to any mums thinking about going back to work in some capacity."

"Workshops are really good, and inspiring. Learnt lots!"

"I have secured a wonderful part time role through the Successful Mums Job board. It fits around the school run and is a perfect job for my skill set. Thank you so much!"

"Having attended the find a job you like or start a business taster session at the Glades on Thursday, I found the session to be really useful. For me, the information about where to find part-time jobs and the transferable skills of parenting were particularly helpful. Thank you to Jane and her team for putting together the event, everyone was so friendly and approachable and it was very well organised too."

"I’m so glad that I went along to the Taster Session last night in the Glades, Bromley. I was welcomed with a smile & glass of fizz and made to feel relaxed and comfortable. Great session, motivating, informative and really focused the mind. The guest speakers were great (real people achieving their goals). Highly recommend - don’t procrastinate any longer...get in touch with Successful Mums, they WILL be able to help you. �"

"Attended an excellent taster event yesterday evening at the Glades in Bromley, focusing on flexible working and starting a business. It was informative whilst being relaxed enough to be able to ask questions and was truly inspiring! I am very grateful to Jane and the team for running such a quality event which has helped me to focus my thoughts on my next move."

"I recently attended a ‘find a job you love’ taster session and it was brilliant. Jane is lovely and it was a very warm and welcoming session. Whether you want advice on how to start your own business, tips on how to get back to work, or just a little guidance on what direction you want to go in with your career path Jane can help. You get lots of info on where to find flexible jobs...and one thing I loved was talking to other mums and realising how many transferable skills you pick up as a Mum, that you can use when applying for a haven’t ‘just been a mum’. Thank you Jane, what you do is amazing x"

"I attended a taster session a few weeks ago. I went in feeling a bit nervous, having been out of the workforce for 10 years. I came out feeling really positive and thinking that I can get a job in the future. I will hopefully attend a Back to Work course later in the year to make this happen."

"After a warm welcome by Janey, I really enjoyed Jane’s free taster business session at The Warren on Tuesday. Jane presented very interesting and good advice in an easy to understand fashion, with humour at times, which helped us strangers relax and be open with each other almost immediately. I believe that Jane encouraged us to share many fears and feelings that were all bottled up, in turn giving us confidence. I would highly recommend attendance on this taster session if you require a kick up the posterior or a push in the right direction. It will help you to know that you’re not the only one with certain feelings. Jane is definitely motivating, she wasn’t judgemental in any way as it seemed that she’d walked in the same shoes and could therefore empathise with others. Thank you Jane �. I say ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’."

"Great taster session today - ticked all the boxes and was a really informative and interesting two hours - thank you �"

"The sun � was out, inside and outside thank you for such a valuable morning so fantastic to hear such enthusiasm to encourage our business journeys and beyond ... through transferable skills. Mandy and I will be wearing our � for sure !!!"

"Thank you for a great session I have come away with lots to think about I will defiantly be wearing my crown 😊"

"I’ve just come home after a fantastic ‘Find a Job you Love Taster Session’ with Jane. A friendly relaxed session but one that made me feel so energised and I’ve come away with some great pointers for when I’m ready to start looking for a job. I will certainly wear my ‘crown’ with pride Jane, thank you!"

"An incredible privilege to work with Jane and her lovely team. Thanks so much for all the support and advice � highly recommend the business start up course"

"I went to a Taster Session with Successful Mums and thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me loads to think about and Jane is very inspiring."

"A really well run organisation, helping mothers back to work. Great idea, well executed, brilliantly led."

"I attended the taster session for finding the job you love at The Warren. It was amazing. Jane was an excellent speaker with plenty of ideas as to gain confidence, find work that suits you etc. Especially loved the part about transferable skills in the workplace. Well worth attending if you are unsure as to which path to take.."

"I had a one to one business coaching session with Jane earlier this week and came away feeling so much more focused and energised with what I'm doing! Jane helped me to set realistic goals for the year whilst also giving myself a little push I most certainly needed. I realised that I need to change my way of thinking slightly from a 'mum who bakes' to 'business woman' which will hopefully boost my confidence and help to grow my business in the way that I'd like to. I would thoroughly recommend the one to one coaching to anyone that knows they have a good idea but need that bit of help in making it grow!"

"I attended the Business start up taster session this week and found it very warm, welcoming and informal, Jane pitched the session perfectly with the right balance of motivation, humour and constructive advice. I would recommend taking the plunge and attending one of Jane's courses if you are thinking of returning to work. You will definitely feel motivated and surprised as to how many worthwhile skills you have acquired whilst being a mum!"

"I attended Jane's introductory taster session at The Warren and have left feeling inspired to sign up to The Executive Programme."