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30 Saxville road
St Paul Cray

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Terra Mia UK Pottery Studio provides a range of adult pottery classes for all abilities, from beginners to those with a little more experience. Children 11 plus are welcome accompanied by an adult Based in Orpington, Bromley, Terra Mia UK is a friendly, cosy space with all you need to begin your journey with clay or if more experienced, work of your own projects. Each class is 3 hours long, focussed on development of hand building skills (no wheel at present) with structured lessons, practical demonstrations and support by the tutor at each step. Students are encouraged to explore their own creative flow and develop essential skills to make your very own ceramic art. Class numbers are limited to four students per session, equipment, materials and aprons are provided.

Terra Mia UK


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"I went to one of Alba's first taster classes and was delighted. Not only she is a professional, knowledgeable tutor but she is also a true artist - just a look at her own work and research into the world of pottery will convince anyone of that. I had an amazing time over in her house and studio, both beautiful and comfortable, set in a lovely garden. I listened fascinated to her stories about glaze recipes (she makes her own from scratch!), different types of clay and what they are best used for, ways to recycle and keep down waste, and how to find inspiration in the simple, everyday wonders that surround us. The class we had run just at the right pace: I felt relaxed and at easy, we were able to focus, quietly, taking our time to practice and get things done the way we wanted. Alba was very supportive, never tired of explaining the processes step by step, sharing suggestions and tips, a caring, inventive teacher that in just few hours was able to communicate so much to us about something that to me was totally new. I enjoyed greatly working with clay and learning about it through the lesson that was so carefully planned and ultimately designed to give us a change to complete an object and feel accomplished and gratified. Three weeks down the line I went to pick up my pot, very happy with the result (in the photo: my very first pot in its new home location!) I've decided I'm going back for a whole course, I've felt very inspired by Alba's lesson and her own work and I've already got some idea of vases and bowls I'd like to make for my own house. Really looking forward to my next class!"

  • Vee la Vie

"I pre-warned Alba before our workshop that I was coming with my ADHD 13yr old . I was seeing the day as a bonding experience between me and her . I can honestly say it was the best Sunday for years . Alba was a captivating teacher she held our attention all the way through . Both of us loved her teaching style and have learnt so much . But best of all we finished the day with beautiful pieces that we created and a whole set of new skills . I’m so happy and will definitely come again both with my daughter and probably without . Who knew I might be a secret potter at heart !!! Thanks Nikki"

  • Nikki Jolly